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A Unique Cartridge Management Control System – Cartridge Cabinet Model CC20 and CC4

The CC20 cartridge cabinet is used in the Toll Plaza for cartridge storage and retrieval--- A complete management system for  loose cartridges.

When the toll teller wish to collect some cartridges from the toll plaza for use at the lanes, he just enters his pre-assigned password into the system and the magnetic lock on the cartridge cabinet will automatically open its doors. The toll teller can remove the quantity of cartridges he wish to take out from the cartridge cabinet and then close the doors. The system will automatically record the quantity of cartridges removed, their ID numbers, quantity of smart cards in each cartridge  and the identity of the toll teller who took out the cartridges.

The above same procedure will apply when cartridges are loaded into the cartridge cabinet by authorised personnel.

The same cartridge cabinet design is also available for storage of 2 cartridges (CC2) or 4 cartridges (CC4).

These smaller type of cartridge cabinets are used in the toll booth in the lanes for storage and cartridge management purposes. The usage of either CC2 or CC4 will depend on the volume of traffic flow through the particular lane.

There is an I-button contact on each slot where the cartridge is slotted into. It will read the quantity of cards stored in each cartridge and its ID No. These information is recorded in the plaza software system for total quantity of IC cards, cartridges quantity and their location for total  management purposes.