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High-Torque Digital Motor (A Series)
The TranSpeed A Series High Speed and Super High Speed ALBs use the high-torque digital motor and precision control driver unit. It increases the speed of the ALB and is very steady. Precise power usage control also ensures the motor will not be easily damaged.
Digital Variable Frequency Technology (K Series)
The TranSpeed K series uses the Digital Variable Frequency Technology. By adopting this innovative technology, it actives the motor to start at the low speed, accelerate at the high speed; then decelerate, brake, slow down and stop; presenting a graceful, soft and accurate movement of the arm.
This technology also increases the lifespan of the ALB’s mechanical components and reduce power usage to very low. In a power blackout situation, the usage time of the UPS can be prolonged.
Superior Impact Safety Technology
The A series Barriers uses a patented “DQI” speed retarding technology. In the unlikely event when the barrier may come into contact with a vehicle in the final moment, the motor operating power will be reduced to only 15% of its normal operating speed and will stop immediately. With the use of a soft fiber boom, there will be no damage to the vehicle.
Minimal Boom Vibration or Bouncing (L Series)
With the FSP technology, the barrier arm’s acceleration and deceleration movement is firm and smooth. The arm is brought to a total halt without any vibration or bouncing. The precise and advance control technology has significantly protected the mechanical modules within the barrier and increases its life span.

Automatic Lane Barrier
TranSpeed ALB is a compact and reliable barrier that is engineered for highest durability, fast and secured control of vehicular traffic at a competitive cost.


























Barrier Control Unit ABCVD1

The control unit uses the latest Digital Variable Frequency System to control the
speed of the barrier, moving from a faster to slower speed, and any other
movement in the process. The controller board design consists of a lever switch
(S1) and a rotating switch (S2). The lever switch can be used to adjust the
barrier's movement, while the rotating switch can be used to adjust the
barrier's braking system. The barrier can be configured to any different
condition through the adjustment of these two switches.

Model A6

High Speed Digital Automatic Lane Barrier

0.58 Seconds
A Total Quantum Leap in ETC Toll Collection

  • Advance digital step servo system; delivering high speed precision with
    minimal error.
  • High torque digital stepper motor; minimal maintenance.
  • Reliable industrial grade mechanical module that exceeds industry's
  • Position sensor removed; stopping precision within <0.2 degrees; no
    impact, no vibration and adjustment free.

Model A3 and A3D

Super High Speed Automatic Lane Barrier

Unprecedented 0.3 sec Super High Speed
Revolutionary Automatic Lane Barrier for ETC

A3 Super High Speed Automatic Lane Barrier
Clokcing in an operation time of just 0.3 second, the renowned A3 is the world
fastest automatic lane barrier. Via its unprecedented speed, the A3 offers a
major breakthrough and revolutionised solution to the Electronic Toll
Collection systems. Performance bottleneck in conventional barrier is
absolutely removed, thus empowering ETC lanes to take a major leap towards
'free flow' operation.


A3A3A6 K9 K13