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Automatic Electronics Systems Sdn Bhd (AES) was established in 2005. We are the manufacturer and supplier of TranSpeed toll collection equipment.  We focus in the design and manufacturing of automatic lane barriers and smart card dispensing and receiving machines. Our R&D engineering team is based in Singapore and we constantly strive to deliver reliability and the top most quality in our TranSpeed line of products.  Todate, we are the world leader in the design and manufacturing of ultra fast automatic lane barriers, delivering an unprecedented speed of 0.3 seconds.

In 2008, we setup our manufacturing plant in Suzhou Industrial Park, China. We have since traded actively in the China and Asia market. Currently, we are the market leader in the supply of automatic lane barrier for the ETC market in China, capturing over 70% of its market share.  In smart card dispensing and receiving machines, we have supplied close to 50% of the machines that are operating at various expressways in the country.

Via AES, our international marketing office which is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we have also distributed our TranSpeed line of product to the following countries:

  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • India

As of 2014, close to 1000 units of TranSpeed Automatic Lane Barriers and 2000 units of TranSpeed Smart Card Dispensing/Receiving Machines are in active operation in these 5 countries. Our well proven product track record coupled with our many years of technical expertise have now set a firm ground for us to introduce and to distribute TranSpeed to the rest of the world.

TranSpeed Manufacturing Plant, SuZhou Industrial Park, China