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Automatic Card Loader / Automatic Card Dispenser

  • 500 cards, Automatic loading and dispensing without manual operation.
  • It loads loose cards into Cartridges, dispensing cards from Cartridges to loose cards tray.
  • Spoiled cards which are unable to be read by the Reader will be deposited into a ' Spoiled card container'.
  • It can be used for closed type cartridges and open type cartridges.
  • When installed with a Reader,it can be used to initialize new smart cards.
  • High efficiency, can load/dispense 1800 cards per hour.
  • The machine provides a SDK tool for communication and operation.

The ACL is used to load loose cards from the upper loose card tray into the cartridge at the bottom level and at the same time pre-code the cards when it passes through the Antenna location.

The function of this machine is to re-load all the loose cards in operation at the lanes into the Cartridge to be re-introduce into the complete card management system.

The ACD is used to dispense the pre-coded cards from the Cartridge to loose cards form so that it can be quickly given to the motorist at the entry lanes during peak hours and festive seasons when the traffic volume is very high.

The ACD/ACL machines adopts a new generation soft card dispensing technology which reduces the possibility of card stuck and damage to the cards. The machines use 2 sets of soft rubber belting to separate the cards and move the cards to the dispensing mouth. This method is superior to the old method of using a metal hook which can cause card damage and card stuck. The machines can be designed to suit all kinds of Mifare cards and RFID cards with card thickness ranges from 0.6 – 1.0 mm. The machine's external casing is made from Stainless steel with state of the art workmanship. It is Simple, Reliable and Efficient .

The ACD/ACL machines when used together with the CR12 cartridges and the TCR12 Dispensers/Receivers provide a complete card management system for the Highway Toll Collection System.